Night Gadget Entertainment

Imagine The Impossible

Night Gadget Entertainment’s mission is to create immersive stories and experiences to transport our fans into new worlds as we tell diverse stories for a global audience.

We hope to show everyone that anything is possible and that there are thousands of stories that can still be told. We want to spark the imagination of kids and adults around the world. That is the impact we hope to leave on this world. Our goal is to build a company to inpire people wor for generations.

Our Vision for a New Generation

Night Gadget Entertainment was started with one dream in mind, to build a place for the worlds best storytellers to come and create the worlds best stories. When we started, we wanted to create characters and stories that no one had ever seen before. We wanted to create things that only existed in the imaginations of their creators. The vision behind this company was to build an entertainment company where anything is possible. We want to take original stories with characters that have not been seen or imagined before and put those out into the world instead of making endless sequels and spinoffs of old characters. The same goes for the experiences we want to craft, each experience should be different and allow our guests and fans to step into their favorite worlds and leave their troubles and worries behind for a while and enjoy a bit of magic as we like to call it. We look at every little detail to ensure our stories transport our fans into new worlds that they have never seen before. Every detail from our shows and films to our toys and apparel, we work to ensure our experiences can create memories that last lifetimes and make everyones day a little more magical. - Robert Matan Founder/CEO/CCO